Apartment Renter

Jimmy is a dream come true. Not only is he reliable and has a wide variety of workmen for home improvement, he is an extremely kind person who only wishes that his tenants are happy at all times. He goes the extra mile to make people feel comfortable by being a friendly face and being a stickler for small details. He makes sure walls are freshly painted, appliances are working their best and flowers are planted outside. He is a great landlord and a great guy!


Joint Venture Partner

I put my trust in Charlie, Kevin, and Jimmy and their company came through big time. They turned a vacant warehouse into the “Jewel” of Lexington Avenue. From the beginning they asked “What do you want?” Then they created an agreement that put me and my families minds at ease. They then proceeded to work and wouldn’t stop until the project was finished and completely sold out. I tip my hat to Double Rock Development.


Restaurant Operator

We have had the good fortune of having Double Rock as our landlord. Our vision of the Dubliner restaurant on a Landmarked street has been a dream come true. Collaborating with Keith, Jimmy and Charlie has allowed us to properly develop a flourishing business. Double Rock has been a proactive landlord that has always tried to set us up for success.

~Noel, Ronan and Dave

Custom Home Buyer

The house that we received from Double Rock Development has become a wonderful home for me and my family. The quality of work and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations, and putting our trust in kevin’s tasteful judgment spared us a great deal of time and angst. Prior to closing, the lease on our prior residence expired which put is in a very unsettling position of going month to month while my wife was far along with our second child. Double Rock went above and beyond to help expedite the process and demonstrated a great deal of guidance and flexibility to help us through a very uncertain time.


Condominium Purchaser

I purchased my condominium from Double Rock over 15 years ago. I am happy to say, my home has stood the test of time. Double Rock paid attention to details and enlisted meticulous craftsman. The layouts and design have served me well throughout the years. Thanks Double Rock…Keep up the good work!


Long Time Business Associate

My brother Kevin and I worked with the principals of Double Rock Development on several complicated projects – Jim and Charlie are awesome to work with. They complement each other and make a great team. Both have the highest values and work tirelessly to deliver a quality product.